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Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Litigation:

The attorneys at Edward George & Associates have a wide range of experience in handling all types of personal injury litigation, including representing both individuals and businesses as plaintiffs and defendants.


As the former corporate counsel for a major security company, Edward F. George, Jr. has overseen multiple negligent security claims, including monitoring litigation and direct supervision of settlement negotiations.


Edward F. George, Jr. has a proven track record of success and experience, including achieving the highest peer ranking from Martindale-Hubbell, the AV rating.  Attorney George and his staff are ready to put their experience and expertise to work for you.


If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, please download the Edward George & Associates Accident Brochure.


Types of Cases/Areas of Expertise:


*    Motor Vehicle Accidents

*    Fall Down Cases

*    Premises Liability Injuries

*    Product Liability Accidents

*    Wrongful Death

*    Construction Accidents

*    Liquor Server Liability (Dram shop cases)

*    Other types of Personal Injury



The following is a representative list of actual Edward George & Associates personal injury litigation cases:


*    Automobile and motorcycle rear end and broad side collisions involving serious injuries and resulting in partial and total permanent disabilities.


*    Wrongful death claims including those related to alcohol intoxication, negligent and reckless driving, construction defects, firearms use, and liquor liability (dram shop cases).


*    Pedestrian and bicyclist injuries caused by motor vehicles, including injuries to minor children.


*    Negligent design and construction claims resulting in falling debris which injured pedestrians on public sidewalks.


*    Ice, snow, water, foreign material, and stairwell-related falls resulting in claims for damages related to back, neck, ankle, knee, arm and head injuries.


*    Product liability claims involving injuries caused by wood and metal working machinery, home appliances, firearms, log splitters, medical devices, and construction equipment.


*    Claim for mutilation, scarification, and emotional distress resulting from a dog attack.