Edward George & Associates
Attorneys at Law

Firearms Licensing, Advocacy, and
Sportsman’s Club Representation:


Edward George & Associates has assisted a number of Massachusetts citizens with legal issues regarding applications for licenses to carry firearms (LTC) and firearms identification cards (FID cards).  In addition, Edward George & Associates has served as counsel for individuals whose firearms licensing applications have been denied.


Edward George and Associates also serves as counsel for the Massachusetts Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL), the NRA state affiliate, and has drafted Amicus Curiae Briefs (“Friend of the Court Briefs”) filed with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on behalf of GOAL for legal cases dealing with several firearms issues.  Edward F. George, Jr. has also argued firearms issues before the full Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.


Edward F. George, Jr. has represented dozens of sportsman’s clubs in New England, providing legal advice and representation concerning issues such as environmental and safety procedures, nuisance, organizational bylaws and formation documentation, organizational governance, and representation in civil litigation.  Attorney George has delivered presentations on firearms range environmental and safety procedures (managing liabilities) in an NRA-sponsored firearms law seminar in Chicago, Illinois, on behalf of the International Association of Fish and Game Departments in Orlando, Florida, and in other locations.


As a peer-reviewed, Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated attorney, Edward F. George, Jr. and his staff have the requisite knowledge and extensive experience necessary to assist you with any firearms licensing, advocacy, or sportsman’s club needs.


Types of Cases/Areas of Expertise:


*    Sportsman’s Club Representation in Multiple Safety, Environmental, Liability and Nuisance (sound and noise) Cases

*    Firearms Appellate Advocacy

*    Assistance with License to Carry Firearms Applications

*    Legal Advice regarding Massachusetts Firearms Regulations

*    Licensing Appeals at both the Administrative and Judicial Levels


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