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Probate, Trust and Estate Litigation, including Will Contests.

Probate, Trust and Estate Administration. 

Representation of Closely-Held Businesses. 

Real Estate and Land Use Disputes, including those involving Title Issues and Environmental Compliance.

Serious Personal Injuries including, wrongful death, automobile accidents, other motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, and products liability cases.

Civil Litigation

    Edward George & Associates apply their experience from hundreds of cases as trial attorneys in all aspects of civil litigation, from the initial fact-gathering stage through settlement, mediation, and, if necessary, trial and appeal.  This process includes:

*    Careful analysis of the claim prior to bringing demands or commencing suit.

*    Early and extensive gathering and preserving of evidence whenever possible.

*    Drafting full (extensive and thorough) demand letters where a demand can and should be made prior to bringing suit.

*    Detailed drafting of court pleadings based on all available evidence and with the use of documentary and testimonial evidence at trial in mind.

    During initial fact-gathering, in negotiations, depositions, and at trial, Edward George & Associates seek the attention of all participants and work diligently at identifying and drawing out facts to show a detailed and full analysis of the case from the client's perspective. 

Contract Negotiation and Drafting

     The attorneys at Edward George & Associates use reasoned, creative negotiation and settlement proposals to prevent deadlocks and to move parties toward agreement whenever possible.

    Edward F. George, Jr.'s extensive litigation and mediation background provides an advantage at the negotiating table, as Attorney George can evaluate and compare evidence and offers made during negotiations to his experience in settling, litigating, and resolving problems that have arisen for his clients in similar situations.  Firm services include detailed drafting of the following:

*    Business Contracts

*    Agreements

*    Settlement Documentation

*    Leases, including Commercial Leases

Case Assessment and Advice

    Based on his experience gained from preparing, settling and trying hundreds of cases, Edward F. George, Jr. has the knowledge and experience base to advise clients and other attorneys who seek a first or second opinion regarding the validity and liklihood of success of their potential or existing lawsuits.

    Edward George & Associates can offer strategic advice to attorneys and clients in all areas of civil litigation based on Attorney George's trial experience, and can review cases for the purpose of recommending settlement proposals, if appropriate.

    Outside of litigation, Edward George & Associates advises closely-held businesses and nonprofit organizations regarding business formation, operations, and managing liabilities.


    Edward F. George, Jr. is a trained Mediator, having completed a Mediation Training Program at Hill & Barlow in December of 2001. 
    Ed George calls upon his extensive experience as lead trial counsel in hundreds of civil litigation cases in Federal and state courts in combination with his formal mediation training when privileged to serve as an evaluative Mediator.  

    Edward F. George, Jr. is an attorney with over 30 years of Massachusetts Legal Experience.  For thoughtful and attentive legal representation contact Edward George & Associates.

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